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How to buy Oxford fabric in China

November 29, 2023

Buying an Oxford fabric that meets your own production requirements requires certain professional knowledge and industry experience. You need to work in the industry for several years to be competent. In my impression, many customers cannot correctly express the Oxford fabric they need to Chinese suppliers.


But as a fabric worker for more than 10 years, I want to tell you:

How to quickly buy Oxford fabric in China with a suitable price and matching quality is not a difficult task. You only need to quickly confirm through the 3 following points.


1, Determine the fabric yarn specifications.  Polyester Oxford and nylon Oxford.

The main specifications of polyester Oxford fabric include FDY Oxford fabric, DTY Oxford fabric, and ATY Oxford fabric.

Polyester FDY Oxford fabric has a shiny and smooth surface, and the yarn specifications are usually 150D, 200D, 300D, 400D, 600D, 840D, and 1680D.

The surface of polyester DTY Oxford fabric is slightly darker, and the yarn specifications are usually 150D, 300D, 400D, 600D, 900D, and 1200D.

Polyester ATY Oxford fabric, the main yarn specifications are 600D, 900D, and 1000D. The surface will have a certain hairy feel, similar to the CORDURA style.

Polyester FDY can be distinguished from the other two Oxford fabrics by surface gloss, while DTY Oxford fabric and ATY Oxford fabric need to be distinguished by touch and industry experience. Generally, DTY Oxford fabric is mostly used.


The main specifications of nylon Oxford fabric are FDY Oxford fabric and ATY Oxford fabric.

Nylon FDY Oxford fabric has a shiny and smooth surface, and the yarn specifications usually include 210D, 420D, 840D, 1680D, etc.

The nylon ATY Oxford fabric is slightly darker and has a certain wooly feel on the surface, similar to the CORDURA style.


2, Confirm the back of the fabric. Common ones include coating, laminating, and Bonding.

Coatings usually include PU, PA, and ULY coatings. The PU coating is mainly used for functionality, such as water pressure, flame retardant, etc., and is often used in luggage fabrics, tent fabrics, tarpaulin fabrics, stroller fabrics, etc. The PA coating is mainly used for hand feel, and the coating is often used on Oxford fabric for fabricing, luggage, and tent lining. ULY coating has a bright surface and beautiful color. It is often used in bags, but its fastness is not as good as PU coating.

Laminating is usually PVC Laminating, or TPU Laminating, which is commonly used as bags, raincoats, tents, etc. Functional features such as flame retardant and waterproofing can also be added.

Bonding is usually Bonding with a TPU membrane to keep it waterproof, and breathable, or bonding with a knitted fabric to increase the thickness of the fabric.


3, Confirm the weight of the fabric. The simplest way is to cut one meter of fabric, weigh it on a scale, and measure the width. Inform the Chinese supplier of the fabric gram weight.


Based on the above three points, you can roughly inform the Chinese suppliers or give a more accurate quotation. Of course, the most accurate quotation requires sending samples to Chinese suppliers. Because China is the largest supplier of Oxford fabric, whether it is polyester or nylon material.


Author Haiming Chen, first published on https://www.leantex.com/how-to-buy-oxford-fabric-in-china/

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